It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Friday, October 13, 2017

And Again...

I am still rummaging around in old stuff that just doesn't make it, yet.
This week I thought of one and had to really hunt for it as it wasn't under the bed in the 
usual location but had been moved into my portfolio of signed work.
Don't know why it was signed.  I have never been happy with it.

So here it was.  And here is the background that I loved.

This was created with transparent paint and lots of stamps.

And here it is today.
So, I promise, this next week I will try something NEW but I have really 
enjoyed this journey through old paintings.
Wishing all a Happy PPF

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rework, revisited

Last week I shared a painting I had reworked until that little voice said "It is done."
This week I tackled another one.
This one never worked for me  so decided to give it a coat of gesso and start over.
The flower was still raised in the original gesso so I figured I was stuck with it.

I cannot tell you how many layers of paint are on this.  There are a LOT.
It got busier before I quieted it down.

I think I will call this done.  The thing I love about this is the center of the flower is
made from a paint "skin" pulled off of my plastic work surface.
I like this better.  What do you think?

I also played around with collage this week.  I am experimenting and still not comfortable
with the process but I did like this one.

And the best news of all is my very favorite orchid is blooming on the lanai.
It is cattleya, Chocolate Drop and is not only gorgeous but has a wonderful mild scent.

Some more good news, I entered two of my paintings in the local art center show
and both got selected.  One of them had not been chosen in a previous show but decided
to see if this judge might like it and they did!

The moral here is never take one person's opinion
as the absolute.

Another side note, the one on the right was

Wishing all a Happy PPF

Friday, September 29, 2017


Recently I have had fun pulling out old paintings from the "file" under the bed,
and reworking them or giving them a full gesso treatment so they can bcome something
entirely new.

The one one the left was too bright for
me so I gave it a glase and was very
happy with the results

This one was ok but after a few months under the bed, I pulled it out
and gave it a bit of a face lift.

I am much happier with it now.  For whatever reason the fact that the flowers
didn't have stems drove me crazy.
Am I the only one that entertains myself with old paintings?
Let me hear!
Wishing all a Happy PPF

Friday, September 15, 2017


I live in Florida
The last 11 days have been a whirlwind
and a hurricane named Irma.
We watched the TV reports and decided that we should evacuate.
The storm was a big one and was headed right up the Florida peninsula.
So in two hours we loaded ourselves and our dog and headed out.
We drove and drove...and drove north and west until we arrived at our former home in Denver, CO
Along the way there were issues because we had 15 lb Harley.
Never mind that my children have (in the past) caused more damage than this dog could ever think of doing, at the Fairfield Inn in Milledgeville, Georgia with a reservation at 11:30 at night,
we were NOT welcome.
Thankfully we were welcome elsewhere.
After that we researched carefully on the internet where we could stay.
And we ended up at the Brown Palace in Downtown Denver.
It is a grand old lady of the hotels in Denver and they treated us, and our dog like royalty.
Harley watching the news of Irma  from the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, CO

We got to catch up with old friends, all the while monitoring the progress of Irma up
our home state.  Luckily for us, the news was good and on Tuesday morning we
set out for home.  The first day we drove 800 miles, the second 650 and the last day 
we drove 400.  Now that is haulin'.
We are home,  and it is intact!
We are so thankful!

Before we left I was working on this 

The idea came from a wire sculpture in one of the homes I sold this last year.

We will get back to normal today.
Wishing you all a happy PPF!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Collage play

The past few weeks I have been playing with collage.
I was delighted to find that my road map book had so many different colors of maps
for this family out enjoying the beach.

After lunch with art friends, we decided we should all pursue our own peace
in our artwork.  This is "the same...but different"   My take on our world population.

This is another take on the same theme.
I must say I wish each of us could somehow make a difference.  It seems
that our environment is so angry and hostile.  The press contributes to it all.
I don't know anyone in the press but wonder if they are as nasty and mean spirited as they sound.
That is my rant for the day.
Have a good one and Happy PPF

Friday, July 28, 2017


It is too hot to paint on the lanai and I make too big a mess when I paint in the house
So not much painting is going on.
My inspiration here was opportunity.  I decided it comes when we least expect it,
and we almost never recognize it for what it is.
So this is my idea of what an opportunity might look like.
It is another attempt at the weaving.
The blue was left over paint from another project.  I had spread it all over  a piece of scrap
watercolor paper.
I may try this again without the petal shapes so I get a more abstracted look.
The petals are paint on paint but could be collage squares.

Then I added a trio of suns in my skies from last week
and a bit more turquoise.

Wishing everyone a happy PPF!
I am looking forward to visiting everyone and seeing what they are up to.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Found objects

Happy Paint Party Friday All
and thank you for visiting my site.
This week our local art center class assignment was to bring in "found objects".
We have been working on horizontal composition and so this week we
added decorative bits to our pictures.

Here is my painting with a large bead as the sun, some starfish and some deocrative wire
added to the bottom of the sea.

And then we jump to the desert.
Again, a horizontal composition with bits of copper, milagros and turquoise.

We used gloss medium to adhere the extra bits.
Now I am thinking about the old watches I have from my Mom.
Maybe I could add them to something.
I will have to wait till I have an inspiration
But, if you have one, please share it.
No blooms this week.  We have been hot and humid.  I see lots of buds but no action yet.
I hope the blooms won't rot in all of this moisture.
Thank you for your visit and Happy PPF!