It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. Helen Walton

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lost mail

In many ways, this has been a growing year.
When you are growing, it isn't always pleasant or easy
My best friend was diagnosed with lung cancer and after four months of incredibly debilitating treatment, she elected to stop.  Four months later she was gone.
And two weeks later her husband elected to end his life.
My husband and I are devastated but we woke up this morning and it is our mission to enjoy the moment for those who can't.

Many of you who have followed my art journey know that whatever I do, it is usually lite and bright.
Imagine my surprise when I started a mixed media piece in bright blue and yellow and it evolved into a dark moody piece (for me anyway).  I guess it reflects what is going on in my life right now.
I don't mind it, I just find it curious what our muse can do when left alone.
Back in May I posted a cut up yupo piece.

 I was never happy with it and decided, early in September to change it.
So the one above became the one below and really made me think of 9/11.  I had hoped I could somehow save the color of the yupo bits but oh well, it was not to be.
Today I pulled out a background and hoped by now my morbid muse had been replaced by my old familiar muse.  And here it is

She's Back!
Happy PPF

Friday, September 9, 2016

Putting my art "out there"

Our local art center has ongoing juried shows each year.
I finally summoned up my courage and entered three of my paintings.
All were accepted and last night we attended a reception and public viewing.
That was a new experience!  
I am accustomed to cheering my children, and their children on in their endeavors.
Time to be my own audience.
We will see where it takes us.

This was one of the paintings that I entered

And this is my "salute to fall"
It was hard to get a photo of this.  It is layers and layers of leaves.
The bottom layer was gold.
And Fall is upon us (still 92 degrees here) 
In Florida, fall means school starts and hurricane season.  It has no impact on our temperatures.

Wishing everyone a Happy PPF!!

My beautiful cattleya 'Mario Lanza' #16 is covered in buds.  When it is done I think we will
have over 60 beautiful orchid blooms.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Layers, and layers

This started out as a watercolor on yupo background.  Then I rolled it with acrylic. 
Then I stamped it and used stencils
It was a fun project and I got to use one of my ho-hum backgrounds and turn it into something.

This gives you a peak at the original background
Work has been so crazy lately and my best friend has been in hospice so there has't been much time for art.  Sadly, she lost her battle a couple of days ago.  Not an art friend but one that I shared just about everything else with.  It will be lonely without her, for sure.
Wishing everyone a Happy PPF and treasure every moment.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Idaho weekend

A long weekend in Hayden Lake, Idaho inspired me to have another look
at a background I had done on massa paper months ago.
I am only starting as you can see on the right, I will negative paint out the trees on the left
and have a great memory of our time with friends in Idaho.
I have another massa hiding under the bed and am thinking of retrieving it and maybe creating some geraniums in a pot...we'll see.

Another sample of my geometrics.  The yellow was the base color.

This base
became this.
I really am not happy with the results but maybe if I stash it under the bed, it will appeal more in 6 or 7 months.  Speaking of stashes, the collection of stencils I have made for various projects is growing to the point it could be a fire hazard.  I keep thinking I will reuse the stencil...NOT!!!
With many thanks to our Paint Party Friday hosts Kristin and Eva,  I wish you a Happy PPF!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Random Paint Dumps

Many of you are aware of the many backgrounds I create with different types of paint on yupo paper.
One of my favorites is just wetting the paper, dumping acrylic paint on it and letting the colors work together.  For me, that is the most enjoyable, just watching the colors mix and move.  If I don't get just what I want, I tilt things a bit.  So this is one of my random dumps where I didn't plan, didn't move, just let the paint play.  And from where I see it, I got a bouquet of roses.  What do you think?

I framed it and it now resides in my office.
Wishing you all a happy PPF and  for those in the U.S., a safe 4th of July.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Acrylic background

This was sort of a dump of acrylic paint on yupo paper.
It seemed to convey the heat of the summer skies in Florida.
So I mixed up a thick batch of watercolor and painted my hill and palms.
Too simple, but the background gives a dramatic affect and the watercolor does it's own thing
on the acrylic which is always interesting.

This was the stencil I made and used on the picket fence painting last week.
I wanted the background to show faintly so just rolled the white over lightly.
When we lived in Colorado, the arrival of the hummingbirds meant we were done with snow for that year.  Their arrival was sort of a celebratory thing at our house.
I don't believe I have seen one hummingbird in Florida, but I haven't forgotten them
Wishing everyone a Happy PPF

Friday, May 27, 2016


The best thing about raising orchids is if you ignore them, they present you with gorgeous surprises.
Last year I had a thrips infestation so this year I am diligent about spraying them with
dishwashing soap and water or neem oil to keep the "nasties" away.
At this time of year I get wonderful surprises almost weekly.
One of the joys of being a Florida resident.

Finally got this matted.  The original was the yellow and I added layers and layers, and layers of circle stencils.  The foggy white layer was the last and seemed to pull it all together for me.
What do you think?

Awaiting inspiration!  I have a vague idea about a dragonfly.  
Happy PPF!

P.S.  What a surprise!  I wrote my blog, went to post it and there was my hummingbird...and I was writing about surprises.  Thank you  Kristin and Eva! and the random number generator.